Happy Book Birthday To MEEEEEEE

The day is finally here! Time of Death is out in the world and I am absolutely thrilled. It might be Erica's sixth novel, but it's Lucy's first, and so I am treating myself to a special day: a trip to Ikea with my mom, so we can buy bookshelves for my dad, which I can then assemble. (I find assembling furniture DEEPLY DEEPLY SATISFYING. Let me know if you ever need help in this area.)

I might also buy some salted licorice from the Giant Ikea Wall O'Candy. Salted licorice is not delicious, exactly, but it's so weird I can't help eating it.


I just wanted to pop in here and thank you for all the support you've shown me over the years. Whether I'm writing as Erica or Lucy, your encouragement means more than I can say, which is a strange thing for someone who makes her living from words. But I am very, very grateful, and very, very excited for you to meet Frankie, and very, very, VERY MUCH looking forward to 2017. I'll see you back here in the New Year.