NO ONE CAN KNOW (Except you, of course.)

Well, hello! Welcome to 2018. I didn't post a single thing here in 2017, for reasons like LIFE and WORK and also SLEEP and SLOTH. Those four categories pretty much cover it, and rather than dwell, let's look forward instead.

Specifically, let's look forward to February 13, 2018, which is when Stillwater General #2 hits shelves both physical and electronic.

"Stillwater Gen #2?!?" you are probably saying right about now. 

Yes. Frankie (and her family) (and the rest of Stillwater) (especially Noah) have another book coming in one month. The title is NO ONE CAN KNOW, which I love, because it sounds ominous and secretive (ACCURATE). The problem, of course, is that every time I talk about it, the conversation goes like this.

"When's your next book out?"
"I can't wait! What's it called?"
"But...why not? I really want to know."
"No. NO ONE CAN KNOW. That's the title."

Finally, I pull out this, and it all makes sense:


I'm so excited for you to find out what Frankie's been up to now that she's decided to stick around Stillwater, at least for a little while. Here's a bit more about the story:

Three months. That’s how long ER nurse Frankie Stapleton has agreed to stay in her sleepy little hometown of Stillwater, helping her estranged sister save the family hardware store, working a few shifts at the local hospital, and most importantly, rebuilding the bridges she burned on her way out of town twelve years ago.

When a pregnant car crash victim arrives at Stillwater General, Frankie and the team race to save both mother and child―but only the baby lives. Rumors swirl that the accident was deliberate, and Frankie’s horrified to realize that she let the driver escape. But why would anyone want to kill Kate Tibbs, a social worker and the wife of an up-and-coming local politician? Frankie’s investigation turns up plenty of motives, from revenge to dirty politics, and even more suspects. There are secrets in Stillwater, and she's determined to uncover them, even if it means involving her loved ones for help.

But when the baby disappears, her search for the truth becomes a desperate, deadly race against the clock. No matter the cost, Frankie must piece together the truth to stop a killer and save a tiny life in Lucy Kerr’s riveting second Stillwater General Mystery, NO ONE CAN KNOW.

You can pre-order a copy here, if you like, but if you're in the Chicagoland area, you can also join us at the NO ONE CAN KNOW launch party at my beloved local indie bookseller, The Book Stall


I'll have more information about the book, including giveaways and other events, very soon. In the meantime, feel free to spread the word about NO ONE CAN KNOW. It's like Who's On First, only more murder-y.